No More Fruit Cake!
Clean Sweep Car Wash has made it easy for your organization to raise funds! Throughout the year Clean Sweep Car Wash is approached by many organization's seeking contributions to support their financial needs. We believe our fundraising program is the answer.

How it Works
It’s simple!! We provide you with car wash coupons with your organization's name on it that you can sell. You sell these coupons at face value and you get to keep half the proceeds! Any unsold coupons are simply returned.

1. The customer receives a service they actually need-a good car wash!
2. You’ll be offering a quality product with a well established and respected company.
3. No risk to you since unsold coupons can be returned.
4. No inventory of products to deliver later.
5. Raise large sums of money quickly with no leftover merchandise that can spoil or expire! (The fruitcake thing!)

Better for the Environment
Clean Sweep’s program has environmental benefits as well! Many car wash fundraisers take place in parking lots where the soapy runoff goes directly into the storm water system, which goes directly into our streams.

At Clean Sweep we filter the runoff and then dispose of the water into the sewer system where it can properly be treated.

To Get Started
Just call Darryl Dennis at (859) 266-3884 for all the details.